Hello and welcome to Fowl-N-Game Taxidermy, owned and operated by James Burley. Some years back I was afforded the chance to follow my dreams of practicing and opening my own taxidermy shop.

From a young age I was fortunate to be influenced by my grandfather who had such a passion for hunting and fishing. I contribute those memories and special moments to the passion that I now have for all things outdoors. Through the years my enjoyment of the times and fellowship that I have been blessed to be involved in has only strengthened my desire to provide the best taxidermy mounts that I possibly can.

Becoming a taxidermist emerged from wanting to preserve as many memories of the great hunts I have shared with family and friends. I know that those feelings lead to this passion to provide the same benefits to other outdoor enthusiasts. I pride myself on the attention to details, and I feel that only ignites my passion more.

I know how much time and money goes into a hunting experience, and when you come out of that moment with a trophy, I want to make sure your excitement and memory is captured in a quality mount. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and read about my love of taxidermy. I hope that if you have questions or your own memories to preserve that you would not hesitate to contact Fowl-N-Game Taxidermy.